“do I detect a faint whiff of speciesism here?”

Commenting on spoon-billed sandpiper story in The Guardian and picked up in the Readers’ Room, reader mjback makes the comment: Am I being cynical or do I detect a faint whiff of speciesism here? Would the same effort have been made if the bird didn’t have an interestingly shaped beak? Birds of paradise have no … Continue reading

Birds delayed in quarantine in Moscow

We’re very sorry to say that, having expected the birds back in the UK on 13 October, they have been delayed in Moscow. Our apologies to anyone reading The Guardian yesterday, who will have read that they did arrive. Unfortunately we didn’t manage to get the message to the editorial team in time. The reasons … Continue reading

Back in Moscow to resume care of the spoon-billed sandpipers

Nigel reports: I flew to Moscow on  1 October to relieve Roland, who’s been looking after the birds pretty much on his own while they’ve been in quarantine at Moscow zoo. I arrived just before 4pm. I collected my luggage, in which were dismantled crates we’re going to use to transport the birds to the … Continue reading