Birds move to quarantine at Moscow Zoo

Nigel: A couple of weeks after leaving the spoon-billed sandpiper chicks in the capable hands of Liz and Roland and heading home, I was getting on a plane again – this time to Moscow. Before we can take the birds back to the UK they need to spend time in quarantine – 30 days in … Continue reading

We take advantage of a break in the weather – 15 August 2011

Roland writes: Finally, we had had a day when it hasn’t rained all day and we’ve been able to weigh the birds and give them a general health check Although we had originally planned to move them into two groups forty-eight hours before the move to Moscow zoo, given the state of the weather here … Continue reading

Sad news 11 August 2011

On Tuesday morning one of the birds from the third brood was found dead in the corner of its rearing cage. The birds appears to have been in good physical condition and thankfully none of the other birds showing any signs of illness. At this stage we can’t 100% confirm what caused its death. These … Continue reading

The weather turns, and we catch up with ourselves 6 August 2011

Roland writes: Finally after the coldest night of all with temperatures hovering around zero, by the morning the wind had finally lifted and we were going to have a lovely day. First things first, before the storm, we had been planning to do our weekly turf and sand change. Everything had, however, to be put … Continue reading

Cabin fever sets in 5 August 2011

Liz writes: Cabin fever seems to be setting in today, it’s the third day in a row of gale force winds, driving rain and chilly temperatures.  Most of the day is either spent in your tent, in the apartment or briefly nipping out to check the birds are ok and well fed. Roland and I … Continue reading

Gale force winds 3 August 2011

Liz writes: Gale force winds have been playing havoc with our routine today. The day started with heavy, driving rain that turned our little piece of Chukotkan tundra into a boggy swamp. In the afternoon quite suddenly intense North Westerly winds picked up, blowing the roofs off several of the bird houses.  Rapidly trying to … Continue reading

A trip to Anadyr town 2 August

Liz writes: Ksenia and I visited the main town of Anadyr, while Roland was left to look after the birds.  Of particular interest was the café that Roland and Simon had visited several days prior, and raved about the food!  Anadyr is a very clean town, with lots of brightly coloured apartment blocks, interesting statues … Continue reading

Alan likes apples 1 August 2011

Alan!! We have adopted a pet, an unwanted pet, but an entertaining pet.  An overly friendly ground squirrel has been causing problems if we try and keep food in or around our tents. Early one morning I was cursing Roland for banging pots and rustling plastic bags noisily, before I remembered that Roland was sleeping … Continue reading

Birding and belugas 30 July 2011

A much refreshed Simon came to visit the birds and we could clearly see how fascinated and enthralled he was with the young birds. He suggested that I join him in the evening for a few hours birding around the lagoon. I leapt at the chance, as not only would it nice to get a … Continue reading

Guests from Meinopylgano 29 July 2011

Roland writes: We have visitors! The morning of the 29th we had a number of visitors from the field team, who had made their way by land and air from the field base in Meinopylgano, Egor, Simon, Gerret and Nikolai, made for some welcome company and it was interesting to be able to talk with … Continue reading