Spoon-billed sandpiper gallery – 26 June 2011

A collection of images of the spoon-billed sandpiper taken by Jochen Dierschke

The search for nests continues – 25 June 2011

25 June 2011 I have been wondering how the team are doing across the water, we will find out later. It has been a foggy but still day. I joined Nikolay on the quad bike and we were out from 1000-1720hrs. We headed 15kms away to check a site that was still holding a territorial … Continue reading

Nikolay, Nigel and I remain as the others set off for a few days – 24 June 2011

24 June 2011 It was overcast and raining. Liza, Gerrit, Egor and Jochen all headed off 15km away to be boated to the other side of the lake to form a camp. They will check the shore and adjacent hills for new SBS territories and will be back on Sunday night. Nige and I have … Continue reading

Another day of exploring – 23 June 2011

23 June 2011 A post-breakfast meeting allocated areas that have not been covered many times or at all to each person. I chose to head to the marshes and edge of the hills taking in at least one nest site from 2005. I was dropped off by Egor and headed out alone for the day … Continue reading

Raising local awareness – 22 June 2011

22 June 2011 As far as news is concerned the most important event today was all of us attending a presentation at the community centre. We prepared some images for use beforehand. At 1650 we headed over and set up. Pavel introduced us all and explained all about the project from when it began in … Continue reading

More nest sightings – 21 June 2011

21 June 2011 I woke as Nige and Simon were leaving for breakfast. We have a flexible system where one or all three can go and join the others but there is only room at the table for six at a time. If one or more does not go then the others will bring bag … Continue reading

Keeping an eye on the precious eggs – 20 June 2011

20 June 2011 I was woken by Nige at 0600 he had still not gone to bed keeping an eye on the temperatures of the eggs. My wife had tried to Skype call, it was intermittent and we lost connection several times. I was delighted with being able to hear the voices of my family. … Continue reading

Just what we are here for! Our first clutch of eggs – 19 June 2011

19 June 2011 Late afternoon Nige dropped Simon at the foot of the hills so he could search he returned for me as I was going to lead him to a Dunlin nest later. Pavel, Egor and Nikolay were all searching the moraine hill territories for SBS nests. Jochen went with Gerrit to the east … Continue reading

More pictures added to the gallery – 19 June 2011

19 June 2011 More pictures have been added to the gallery page. The gallery contains images of bird sightings, people we work and live with and members of the team.

spoon-billed sandpiper gallery so far – 19 June 2011

19 June 2011 A collection of images that we have collected of the spoon-billed sandpiper. All images by Martin McGill/Jochen Dierschke